For more than 20 years we are reliable, continuously growing team of engine enthusiasts and engineering fans working with passion to develop products and forge ahead with individual engine adjustments that give you, our customer, the best engine performance experience possible with no extra fuel consumption covering your tractors, combines, forage harvesters, self-propelled sprayers, transfer pumps, semi-trucks and construction equipment.

Discussing client’s demands

Agroecopower technicians will come to the customer and together they will discuss demands and expectations.


Diagnostic and software backup procedures are run before SW modification is performed. Control unit modification can be reversed at any time.

Installing new software

New software solution is prepared individually for selected vehicle and is subsequently installed back into the control unit.

Final check

We run diagnostics and inspection of all relevant engine components. Before the delivery, we perform a test drive and we stand behind our SW modification as long as you own it.

What will change in the engine?

Agro Reference

"After having AgroEcoPower tune our Case IH tractor, we are using 2 gallons per hour less fuel and can go even in those spots where water stood without slowing down, I am impressed." - Brian Pickard Case IH Steiger 385

"This last evening we did some figuring in fuel savings alone, it will pay for the tune in about 250 hours. That does not include less man hours per acre and more acres covered per hour. Nice product, very well done." - Alex Recker John Deere S680

"Once we got the combine done and visited with you guys, we realized it was not only turning it up but it was increased torque too. And a lot of it! And all our tuned tractors act clearly different than they did before. We have had 12 units tuned by AEP and are not disappointed with one of them." - Paul Enhle Case IH Magnum 340

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