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Ag Leader is the Industry's Leader in Precision Farming Technology.  

We here at Peterson Ag Service use Ag Leader to help you the farmer figure out the

How: How can you plan, plant, apply, and harvest more accurately, efficiently and profitably.  

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InCommand 1200 display is a full-featured, year-round hub for any precision farming operation. A full-color, high-brightness, high-resolution touchscreen display is easy to read and offers powerful, year-round precision farming tools. Built-in manual guidance, full-screen mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and automated steering make up the core functionality of the display.

InCommand 800 serves as a great second display, and complement to InCommand 1200. InCommand 800 can also be used as a stand alone display on operations that don’t require the robust functionality of InCommand 1200.

Guidance & Steering

Ag Leader offers a full range of GPS receivers, base stations and accuracy levels to fit your farm's needs.

SteerCommand provides integrated hydraulic steering directly to vehicle CAN bus, or hydraulic valve for leading autosteer performance.

SteadySteer provides autosteer for vehicles without a hydraulic steering valve. Simple integration and transferability are bonuses.


SureDrive electric drives mount right up to the planter and meter you know and love, gaining you consistent meter drive for variable rate, turn compensation and point row shutoff - all with less maintenance.

SureForce hydraulic downforce with uplift keeps your planter row unit at ideal planting depth, no matter the soil type, conditions or compaction.

SureSpeed allows you to accurately place seed at 12 MPH but also at lower speeds. Perfects planting is a priority, speed is a bonus.

Point row clutches such as SureStop and SureVac offer one of the best returns for your precision ag investment. Save seed, save money.


DirectCommand can control dry product application rate by flat target rate or via prescription and shut off the applicator to minimize overlap.

Avoid spray drift, ensure proper plant coverage and chemical effectiveness all while saving on chemical costs with boom section shutoff and easy to select application rate control. ISOBUS compatible.

Use OptRx to easily capture more ROI during a side-dress application. OptRx places more nitrogen where crops will respond to and less in areas not crucial to yield.


Ag Leader's technology started the data revolution with the first on-the-go monitor and today it's the most widely trusted yield monitor on the market. Easily see the areas of yield ranges in the field, load background maps of as planted varieties to track their performance or the effectiveness of an application trial or soil type.

CartAce uses autosteer technology already within the operation to simplify the grain cart operators job. When it's time to unload, the grain cart engages with press of button and automatically steers on a line directly under the combines auger. Autosteer takes over steering to assist operator with accurately unloading on the go.

Water Management

Easily design field tile plans based on precise supporting RTK topography layers. Once the plan is complete, SMS will validate the plan to ensure desired drainage. Easily validate that tile runs are sized appropriately to meet drainage needs and ensure proper tile sizing and using the Drainage Coefficient tool. The tool's velocity fail-safe ensures tile is laid on a grade-appropriate for the soil texture at the intended depth. Lastly be sure  you've created the best field tile plan by comparing multiple installation plans for cost and drainage efficiency.

With Intellislope and InCommand, installing field tile is super simple! First, collect a survey of the surface elevation by driving over the path either ahead of time or during installation. Then, enter parameters in the display that ensure tile is placed correctly in order to properly drain soils. Finally, use the plan you created to install your tile. AutoTile will adjust the plow depth automatically to ensure accurate installation

Data Management

SMS Software supports the majority of precision ag display file types allowing you to combine and analyze all your data in one place. Powerful analysis tools allow you to dig deeper into your data and identify areas of opportunity including field and guidance line management, soil sampling, prescriptions, tile planning and more. SMS pairs seamlessly with AgFiniti to allow you to take these insights with you to the field.

AgFiniti connects your entire operation including your displays and devices to share your information across your team including trusted advisors. Access both historical and real-time information for on-the-go decision-making and insights into your fields. Quickly and easily generate prescriptions and dig deeper into your information using query tools, Multi-Year Analysis and Comparison Reports.

Right Spot

Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control

Instant nozzle by nozzle swath control. Up to 144 nozzles supported.

RightSpot uses blended pulse technology to achieve consistent coverage and reduced skips. Pulsing nozzles maintain a precise user-defined boom pressure allowing the operator to achieve a consistent rate and droplet size at a wider variety of speeds and across difficult terrain.

Consistent Coverage Across Any Terrain

Flow rate and pressure are controlled independently, allowing for a consistent rate across a variety of conditions.

Increased Productivity and Speed

Speed up or slow down, accurate at a wider range of speed.

Industry Leading Visibility

Visibility in and out of the cab and year-round control with InCommand.