SurePoint Ag specializes in providing solutions for the control and application of liquid and dry fertilizer, seed, and chemical the SurePoint way.


Sentinel offers instant in-cab notifications of blockages or flow variations, measuring every row with state-of-the-art E-Mag flow meter technology. No moving parts means less downtime and more bushels in the bin!

Sentinel NH3

Sentinel™ NH3 software compares the temperature of each individual row by monitoring a sensor mounted just after the anhydrous manifold. The system instantly notifies you of any issues, ensuring that they can be fixed and you can get back to making money!


SurePoint's most popular system. LiquiShift™ utilizes two metering tubes and provides the technology to automatically shift between tubes to maintain an optimal system pressure. Compatible with most rate control platforms. The third generation of LiquiShift™ (released 2021) utilizes "Zip" valves on each row, providing positive shut-off and eliminating check valves.


PumpRight is a variable speed hydraulic drive diaphragm pump ideally suited for planter fertilizer applications. Positive displacement pump provides suction from any tank location. Run dry protection eliminates worries of pump and seal damage.


Get on the fast track with The Accelerator system featuring the SurePoint Commander controller, Arag Ion Flow Meter, The Tower II Pump system, dual tube metering distribution and tank assembly. The Accelerator is ideal for low volume, in-furrow starter or pop-up application and is designed for rugged agricultural applications.


The SurePoint Catalyst Micro Volume Application System is designed to give accurate and even   row-to-row distribution of liquid products with a flow range between 10 oz./min. and 300 oz./min. The Catalyst can easily be customized to fit a wide variety of implements.


The SurePoint Spartan compliments the already great line of SurePoint Application Products.  The Spartan Mobile injection system blows the competition away with its unmatched accuracy. This injection pump comes in four sizes, 2 to 10 oz/min, 3 to 20 oz/min, 5 to 40 oz/min, and 10 to 80 oz/min. Those pumps sizes can be matched up with several tanks sizes to meet the customer's needs.  The SureFire Spartan is the most accurate injection pump in the market today. This accuracy helps eliminate waste and helps enhance more environment-friendly practices.  Injection allows us to get away from tank mixing so we can adjust the concentration throughout the field.


Struggling to achieve your target rate without having to slow down? Concerned about row to row accuracy when the manifolds were designed for a higher speed but are forced to reduce speed to achieve target rate? The Torpedo from SurePoint Ag Systems is here to help!


The Tower is ideal for in-furrow and low volume applications on 40′ and smaller implements at a maximum speed of 6 mph. The 12 volt electric pumps work well for these size of planters and low-volume applications. When the scenario requires capacity great than the Tower can provide, the SureFire PumpRight is recommended.


The SurePoint QuickDraw is a fully automated spray tender system. Manually calculating product amounts is a thing of the past! Simply enter acres or total gallons, sprayer application rate, and chemical rate per acre. QuickDraw then calculates the amount of each chemical in the batch, including manually added chemicals. 


The Chem-Blade product line is designed to allow operators to handle their chemicals efficiently, safely, and extremely fast! The goal is to keep the sprayer in the field spraying instead of sitting idle loading. Chem-Blade products allow you to cover more acres before wind, a storm, or heat conditions shut you down. 


The SureBatch Precision Liquid Meter pumps and accurately meters liquids to be injected, sprayed, or added to any liquid or dry material. Uses include applying treatments to dry fertilizer,liquid manure, seed treatment, and injecting micro-nutrients in fertilizer batches


Marksman will increase accuracy, reduce labor, and provide accurate records of every application. Marksman provides producers and retailers a line-up of features not common in most fertigation and chemigation systems.