Peterson Ag Service is your source for the Soil-Max Gold Digger!

The Gold Digger tile plow has been an extremely successful product. Many believe this is the best product that they have ever bought and some have said the Gold Digger grade control is better than their other commercial equipment. Take these farmers for example, they love their Soil-Max Gold Digger plows.

Pull type

  • 6.5’ working depth.

  • Easy single pin connection to hitch.

  • Single point hydraulic hook-up to tractor.

  • Proprietary down pressure manifold puts only necessary pressure on the wing wheels, ensuring that pipe being installed in the soil profile is being done correctly and is unaffected by surface conditions.

3 Point

  • Same as stealth ZD® .

  • 5.5’ working depth.

  • Easy connecting 3pt in Cat III or Cat IV.

  • Can be used on tractors as small as 20,000 lbs.


  • Manufactured from T1 Steel, allowing twice the tensile strength with half the weight.

  • Needs a minimum of a 8,000 lb tractor

  • Thinner profile shank = easier pulling through the soil.

  • 4' maximum working depth

  • Installation of 2” to 4” tile by changing quick change poly sided boots and shear.

  • Zero deflection produces better grade control with the tile exit point directly below the hinge point of the pitch plow.

  • Proprietary proportional valve to make crucial incremental adjustments to keep your plow on grade.

  • Poly sides that shed dirt and makes for an easier pull

Single Axle Cart

The Soil-Max® HD Cart is built to handle the rigors of rugged terrain. It has a sturdy 5,200 lb. axle on 6-lug wheels with a steel tube construction frame. A 30-foot magnetic controller and 12V DC hydraulic unit makes operating the unit simple and straightforward. Standard onboard charging system.

Double Axle Cart

Both on and off the field, our 8-ply high flotation tires (12.5 –15) reduce soil compaction and make transport easy. LED brake lights, height-adjusting hitch, and legal highway transport width eliminate the transportation headache from field to shed.

3 Point Cart

Choose a 3-point hitch like this that give you better flexibility of when you tile. Customizing your tiling operation, a 3-point hitch model is easy to hook up and can provide some additional weight to your tractor (as seen in photo).

Shaper Pro

  • A pattern of 36 blades spin at 250 RPM with a 24 inch rotating diameter

  • Breaks up soil to a manageable size and moves it to the center with a balanced double helix pattern

  • Works on all soil types - even tough grassy areas

  • Blades sit right at ground level only chopping up the heave and not wasting power trying to work the ground

  • Uses two hydraulic-controlled back blades to contour final shape of the trench

  • All adjustments can be made on-the-go from inside your tractor cab

  • Heavy-duty construction weighing in at 2100 pounds

  • Working width of 8 feet